Scrap My Car Dartford

Choose us to collect your scrap car

We’ve got a large number of happy customers around Dartford That got  Us to take away there Scrap Car. Having traded there for many years now. As we have great knowledge of the local area, we can be with you very quickly. When you arrange a time for us to tow away your car we will be sure to arrive at the specified time. Because we are able to pick up cars at any time and not just 9-5 we can tow away your car at a time that suits you.


we can collect your scrap car

We ensure that your car is disposed of legally. Other companies may engage is unethical practices such as illegally selling on your car without informing the DVLA of any change of ownership. This leaves you vulnerable legally, and can easily result in you being fined. We don’t engage in any dodgy practices and always inform the DVLA that your car is being scrapped. When disposing of a vehicle, we are sure to do so in the most environmentally friendly way we can.

Make sure your old scrap car is disposed of correctly as we want to keep Dartford clean and tidy. Having these old cars lying around makes our area untidy, so help us to help you. Call today and dispose of that scrap car now!

Reasons to scrap your car in Dartford

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to scrap your car in Dartford. In our experience the most common reason of all is that the vehicle has failed its MOT. The required work to repair it is simply too expensive. If you don’t want to continue paying road tax on your unwanted vehicle you will either need to scrap it or declare it off the road.

It’s so easy to scrap your car in Dartford. Just contact us today and we can talk you through the process. Alternatively, you can read our guide so you already know what the process is.